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Essecipackaging S.r.l.  is founded by a team of professionals who have acquired, over the years, a wide experience in the field of food packaging (not food).


Our company, in close partnership with major producers in Europe, specializes in consulting and in the provision of the best materials and the most innovative solutions for food packaging, to increase the shelf life of the product, improve the presentation in the eyes of the consumers, maximize the health safety and cut production costs with an eye always attentive to environmental sustainability.









Our mission is to help the client to reconcile its packaging needs with the best solutions available on the market and latest technology applied to new materials, ensuring low costs and add value to your products that will keep you one step ahead of competitors.


The customers, to whom we address, either end user or distribution retails chain, are companies that carry out activities of production and packaging of food product such as :


  • Fresh and processed meat

  • Whole hams and salamis portion and pre-sliced

  • Sausages and meat preparation

  • Fish and fish products

  • Bread, sandwiches and baked products

  • Whole cheese and pre-sliced, dairy products

  • Fresh pasta filled with

  • Snacks, rice and cereals

  • Ready meals and recipes



Thanks to the experience gained in the food industry, we have formed another division that deals with the export of food products to overseas countries, including providing advice and logistical support to Italian companies that want to export their products abroad, and acting as liaison with the importers and retails chains  in different countries.



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