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Film Eco

Recyclable mono-material solution for flow pack and lidding film based on PET or PE or PP

Our latest mono-material film  is recyclable and has excellent transparency, with an integrated barrier layer for an exceptional level of product protection.


This film has a comparable CO2 footprint to BOPET/PE films,

which are widely used as lidding or flow pack film.

Our mono-material rigid film is available for thermorforming machine and also for pre made trays machine.

The new eco solution is based with Oxygen Scavenger Barrier, an innovative non-laminated alternative to High Barrier EVOH products.

Oxygen Scavenger Barrier (OSB) from SZP is a new solution for MAP packaging technology that replaces conventional (passive) oxygen barrier (EVOH).

OSB packaging and trays contain OSB in the PET sheet structural layers, which prevents penetration of atmospheric oxygen into the tray and absorbs oxygen from inside the tray effectively extending product shelf life. 



Better transparency and brilliance
Savings on Plastic Tax
High barrier no EVOH
Reduction of thickness
Waste reduction


Fresh and processed meat
Sliced meat
Fresh fish
Ready meals
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