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Shrink Bags

We are able to offer a wide range of multilayer shrink bags, developed for a wide range of applications, where good preservation of the product over time is required.

The bags are made on fully automatic lines and obtained from particularly bright and transparent 9-layer film reels thanks to the innovative bubble extrusion technique with a modular cooling system, which gives the material high mechanical resistance.

The high mechanical resistance allows us to lower the thickness of our bags ensuring in any case low levels of losses during the entire production and distribution cycle.

The STI bags can be supplied in the EVOH high barrier, degassing, pasteurizable and sterilizable versions and with a high barrier to UV rays.

STI bags are available with different types of sealing both taped and not, as well as printed on both sides where required.



Up to 9 layers
High barrier - PVDC free
Puncture resistance
Excellent mechanical properties
Excellent transparency


Meat on the bone
Fresh or processed meat
Hard cheese
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